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A Message from Mr. French…
To My Loyal Readers:

The Charleston Chronicle has been the cornerstone of the African-American community since 1971 when I started this newspaper in Charleston, SC. It was my intent to get my message out to the streets the best way that I knew how. Back then we would go to all the churches, all the cookouts, all the NAACP rallies, wherever Blacks gathered passing out my newspapers. With the rapid advancements in technology today, we had no choice but to provide you with an interactive website to provide you better access to our publication, which I am very proud of. But I need to make something clear, THE CHRONICLE NEWSPAPER IS A SMALL BUSINESS, AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO CONTINUE TO DELIVER THE NEWS OF THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITY EACH WEEK.

So I Ask You To Support the Black Press and…..

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